Thursday, March 3, 2011

Introduction to Adobe AIR: Part 2

In this tutorial we will learn what is needed to start creating AIR applications.

There are several ways to create AIR applications and there are multiple tools for that. Firstly though, to run and create AIR programs you need to install Adobe AIR itself, if you don't have it yet - you can get it right here. As I said in the previous tutorial, AIR is supported on all 3 major platforms.

You can make AIR applications without paying a cent - there are free SDKs and IDEs on the internet, that you can use. If you want to work with Adobe Flex - you can use Flex Builder (which isn't free), or you can download the free Flex SDK and use a free IDE with it, for example, FlashDevelop. You can create AIR using Adobe Dreamweaver, or download the free AIR SDK and use Notepad or a text editor of your choice. Finally, you can use Adobe Flash.

Note, that AIR and AIR SDK are not the same things. AIR is used to run applications, AIR SDK is a set of developer's tools to create those applications. If you aren't using any IDE that has built-in AIR SDK (like Flash), then you'll have to follow the link above and download it. After that, you'll be able to use it as a complier for your HTML/Javascript files to turn them into AIR.

As you might already know, AIR applications need to be installed on the user's computer, rather than simply downloaded and extracted to a folder. After you compile an AIR - you'll receive one single installation file.

AIR projects have their own special structure of multiple files and folders. But more on that later!

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