Monday, March 7, 2011

Introduction to Adobe AIR: Part 6

Today we will create our first AIR application using Adobe Flash CS5.

Flash CS5 has a built-in AIR 2 SDK, so you're able to create AIR applications using the program. Open Flash, and select Create New Adobe AIR 2 document.

You'll see the usual Flash editor with the stage, library, actions panel and so on. Here, you can start creating your application just like you did when you were making normal flash applications (and you can also use the AIR-only AS3 features that couldn't be done before). For now, you can create something simple, like create a "Hello world" text field using the text tool, or you could make something a little bit more advanced that involves AS3, for example, a calendar.

You can use external AS3 files and libraries (and you won't have to include them in the air project archive, because the only thing that matters is the final swf file).

When you're done, go to File > Adobe AIR 2 Settings.

A new window pops up, and you are required to fill out some fields before publishing the AIR application. You can edit stuff like name, description, copyright, icons and more. Remember how we talked about XML descriptors a few tutorials back? Some of the stuff you're writing in this window will be included in that file.

Flash won't let you export AIR without you specifying the digital certificate. Flash lets you write your own digital signature file - hit the "Create" button next to the file browser field and you'll have to fill out a few fields there. You'll have to specify a password in the file you create, and then you'll have to enter that password under the certificate file browser field.

When you're done doing everything - hit Publish and wait a few moments... Congratulations! You have created your first AIR application.

You now have an AIR installer. Open it up, install your cool new program you've made and there you have it!

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading!


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