Monday, April 16, 2012

KirAnnotator - Flex AIR annotation tool - DOWNLOAD and SOURCE

Download KirAnnotator and its full source code!

Visit the official site for latest free version:

The program was developed using FlashDevelop, so to start working with the source code below without any hassle, it is recommended (however, not necessary) that you use FlashDevelop too.

The source pack contains all the script files and graphics, as well as the FlashDevelop project file (the one you need to open if you're using FD)and default FlashDevelop AIR readme file.

The source pack does NOT contain the final AIR file, the certificate needed to compile the final AIR file, CreateCertificate.bat and PackageApplication.bat files.

Download source pack: Dropbox, MediaFire (1.83 MB)

Hope you enjoy the program and find it useful!

I made a detailed step-by-step tutorial on making this program from scratch (56 parts in total). Go to the first part.

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