Friday, March 1, 2013


Today my blog is going on a (temporary?) hiatus. Read more for details.

For over 2 and a half years I have been updating the site daily with new handwritten tutorials on ActionScript 3, Flex, Adobe AIR, Android SDK and a few other technologies. It has been a good run, but, unfortunately, today it comes to an end.

This means that the blog will not be updated daily anymore. I don't know when or what I will post here, but I still have a few things to talk about on Android so chances are I'm still going to be publishing tutorials here. Just not every day.

When I start learning a new language in the future, I might begin posting here daily again. But it is unknown when will that happen.

Now, here are some statistics that the site has gotten over the 2 and a half years of daily updates:

  • 985 posts
  • 602,380 all-time hits
  • average daily pageviews: over 1000

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and read my tutorials! It is truly great to know that my work actually helped some people.

See you later!


Rocky Top said...

Hey Kirill,

Thanks for your work you ahve helped me a lot!

Matthew Carson said...

There are so few Actionscript blogs out there anymore, its a shame to lose another one.

Carlos Manuel N. Guerra Amaral said...

The best to you mate and thank you so much for all your work.
Greetings (flashopen)

Unknown said...

Hey Kirill,

I wish you all the best! Thank you for your help and the great tutorials.

yos said...

Thanks for sharing the knowledge ,really learn a lot from this blog ,btw maybe you can try Haxe or LiveCode probably more fun to learn ,thanks again

fangfang said...

Thank you for all the tutorials. Your site is a good place for me to learn new techniques. Hope you'll continue share your knowledge soon in the future!

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