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This is a list of all the tutorials written by me, Kirill Poletaev, that can be found on this site.

From oldest to newest:

Adding zeros to score
Beginner tutorial (3 parts)
Basic 3D
Email validation
Random numbers
Calendar using only AS3 (12 parts)
Keyboard events
Saving to clipboard
Create a proper mouse cursor
Create a digital clock
Custom right click context menu
Text embedding in Flash
Save local data using SharedObject
Sitelock using AS3
Fullscreen toggle
Clear text when focused on
Restrict characters in input text field using AS3
Mouse.cursor property in AS3
Rotate object to mouse
Use appendText()
Dynamically set and display FPS using AS3
Correct Flash embedding with HTML
Depths in AS3
Importing external images using AS3
RTS-like character movement using mouse in Flash (5 parts)
Smooth character movement
Sound class in AS3 (6 parts)
Using HTML in Flash text fields
Working with files in AS3 (5 parts)
Drag objects smoothly using AS3
Working with Bitmaps (3 parts)
Create a simple trading system like in Fallout 3 (2 parts)
Create a color picker using AS3
Create a RGB color picker with sliders in AS3
Typing effect using AS3
Transformations in AS3 (3 parts)
Many ways of splitting a String in AS3
Searching text in a String using AS3 (2 ways)
Replacing substrings in a String
Loop statements in AS3
Working with Arrays in AS3 (7 parts)
Creating a simple tile system in AS3 (2 parts)
Accuracy in a shooter game
All about Timer class in AS3
Detecting focus on Flash using AS3
Shorten your code using functions (2 ways)
Skype in Flash AS3
All about intervals
Replacing user-selected text
Working with XML data using AS3 (10 parts)
Using the Button component (5 parts)
Using the CheckBox component
Using the ColorPicker component (2 parts)
Creating a "select all" CheckBox
Using the RadioButton component (3 parts)
Using the ComboBox component (2 parts)
Using the UILoader component
Using the Slider component (2 parts)
Creating a HTML tag parser using AS3
Using the NumericStepper component
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using AS3 (5 parts)
Create a shooting game using AS3 (8 parts)
Create a Ping Pong game using AS3
Create an elastic spring effect using AS3
Double clicking in AS3
Double clicking in AS3 (custom function)
Nice score displaying effect
Create gradient masks using AS3
Display system memory usage using AS3
Smoothly zooming buttons in Flash
Create Mac buttons using AS3
Switch case
Passing variables to Flash through HTML using Flashvars
Creating a mouse trail using AS3
Drawing shapes using AS3 (8 parts)
Create a drawing application using AS3 (5 parts)
Create a mouse eraser
Create a smooth scroll bar using AS3 (7 parts)
Create an advanced preloader
Create a stopwatch
Create a timer application
Simple slideshow effects (10 parts)
Create a 3D carousel gallery using AS3 (11 parts)
Round numbers with decimal precision
Search through XML database using AS3 (6 parts)
AS3 DataGrid component (16 parts)
Using TileList component
Get highest and lowest numeric values from an Array
Creating charts using AS3 (21 parts)
Exchange data between Actionscript 3 and Javascript - communication bridge
Send variables using GET method using AS3 - communicate with PHP, Javascript
Send variables from AS3 to PHP using the POST method
Send E-mail with HTML in it using AS3 and PHP
Read query string using Actionscript 3
Working with CSV files using AS3 (5 parts)
Working with JSON and AS3 (3 parts)
Format user selected text using AS3
Introduction to Adobe AIR (9 parts)
File and directories in AIR (12 parts)
Create a log application using XML and AIR (4 parts)
Working with windows in AIR (12 parts)
Working with menus in AIR (6 parts)
Working with clipboard in AIR (10 parts)
Working with SQLite in AIR (12 parts)
Creating an AIR application with an SQLite database (4 parts)
Working with multiple SQL databases in AIR
HTML in AIR (17 parts)
Check if a table exists in a SQLite database
Seamless installation in AIR (3 parts)
Updating AIR applications (3 parts)
Printing in AS3 (4 parts)
What is Flex?
Configuring FlashDevelop for Flex Development
Creating a Flex Project in FlashDevelop
Namespaces in Flex 4
Creating your first Flex Application
Using Actionscript in Flex
Containers and Layouts in Flex
Scrollable content, Defining properties in Flex
Control Bar in Flex
View States in Flex
Composed containers, Text controls in Flex
Data Binding, Displaying Images in Flex
Creating Forms in Flex
Events in Flex: User Events
Events in Flex: System Events
Events in Flex: addEventListener() in Flex
Creating custom events using Actionscript 3 (2 parts)
Including and importing external Actionscript 3 files in Flex
XML in Flex (5 parts)
ArrayCollection in Flex (5 parts)
Creating custom components in Flex (3 parts)
DataGroups in Flex (4 parts)
DataGrid in Flex (5 parts)
AdvancedDataGrid in Flex (7 parts)
Drag and Drop in Flex (5 parts)
Navigation in Flex (4 parts)
Formatters and Validators in Flex (4 parts)
Styles in Flex (4 parts)
Skins in Flex (2 parts)
Using RadioButton component in Flex 4
DateChooser and DateField in Flex (3 parts)
ProgressBar component in Flex
Menu control in Flex
Tree control in Flex (4 parts)
Alert control in Flex
MenuBar control in Flex
Animation in Flex 4 (6 parts)
Charts in Flex (18 parts)
Creating a Flex AIR application using FlashDevelop (2 parts)
Windows in Flex AIR
HTML component in Flex AIR
AIR-only Flex components (2 parts)
Creating a contact book using Flex, AIR and SQLite database (16 parts)
Creating a Flex AIR text editor KirPad (102 parts, download)
Creating a Flex AIR screenshot application KirShot (28 parts, download)
Creating a Flex AIR annotator application KirAnnotator (56 parts, download)
Creating a Flex AIR image sizer application KirSizer (14 parts, download)
Creating a Flex AIR database manager KirSQLite (74 parts, download)
How to make a pixel fade effect using AS3 (2 parts)
Creating a Pentomino game (46 parts)
Creating AdvAlert library (39 parts)
AdvAlert library download, usage tutorials and examples (7 parts, download)
EasyKeyboard - creation tutorials, download, usage tutorial(13 parts + download)
Android beginner tutorial (96 parts)

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