Guide for total beginners

This blog is dedicated to Actionscript 3, a computer language used to create RIA's (Rich Internet Application) using programs, such as Adobe Flash, Flash Builder, Flash Develop, etc.

All these softwares have different environments and sometimes purposes, but the language is one - AS3.

If you are a total beginner to the whole Flash scene, you can get a free trial of Adobe Flash on the official website. While Flash Pro is timeline-based (used for creating flash movies, has built-in drawing environment), Flash Builder and Flash Develop are more programming oriented. Flash Develop is free, and you can get a trial for Flash Builder.

If you are familiar with your program, you can start using tutorials found on this site, learning syntaxes and algorythms usages.

You can find tutorial categories on the left sidebar and post archive on your right. The site is updated regularly!

Here is the first, introductive tutorial for Actionscript 3.

Enjoy your stay!